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Produced by Grammy winner Roger Lomas (Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Bad Manners, Toyah Wilcox, Roy Wood and scores of others) and recorded in Coventry, 'Baby I'll be yours' features the special vocal talents of Johnny St. John (Brothers of Soul) and the cream of musicians in the Midlands. Guitar work by ex Selecter great Neol Davies, drums Rick Medlock, bass Wayne Matthews, keyboards Mark Steeds, trombone Dale Gibson, saxophone Leigh Malin and trumpet Andy McIntyre.

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Naked Blues

The Mosquitos

The Motorvators

Rick in conversation with Dan Shinder Drum Clinics Join Dan as he interviews Rick Medlock online all the way from Coventry, England, while Dan is in the DDC Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Dan asks Rick about playing in the early and mid 1970’s on the London Scene, playing with greats, such as Ben E. King and Big John Wrencher and most of all, Dan asks about Ricks 30-year Hiatus and his return to music.

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2010 Commended in LPA portraiture Let's Face It  6


2009 Honourable Mention – International Photographic Awards

we stood very still

2008 “Anatomy of an Island” – Part I – Subways and Bridges. Published

2008 “You’re Very Welcome” - documentary. Published

2007 LPA Gold Award – “My Back Yard 3” and subsequent exhibition at Calumet Gallery London NW1

2002 “Benchmarks” – exhibition – London NW3

2002 Thousand Words - Stourbridge

2001 “The Ring Road” – multimedia exhibition – Museum of British Road Transport, Coventry with Tony Bodinnar and Kevin Harrison.


a laughable grasp of reality issue 1 out now

a laughable grasp of reality issue 1 Find out more on MagCloud




Welcome to my web pages. Here you will find a collection of my current and past work.

My interest in photography started in an unconventional way with wanting to put something on my wall at home. This then developed in to a keen interest with a HNC qualification at Sandwell College. The body of work produced at Sandwell went on to gain international recognition by winning the My Back Yard 3 competition run by the London Photographic Association in 2007.

My photographic influences are wide ranging but I get most influence from music. My ideas usually develop with some tune in my head. I am interested in documentary work but will take on most photographic challenges.

Tel: + 44 (0) 24 7667 4792
Mobile: 07941 985 925


This photographic documentary about a public house in Coventry during the England FIFA 2010 World Cup campaign. Capturing the highs and lows of the regulars and visitors as they support the England campaign to it’s untimely conclusion.

Anatomy of an Island Part 1!album-4 
2008 “Anatomy of an Island” – Part I – Subways and Bridges. Published

Anatomy of an Island Part 2!album-3  

Not yet forgotten. This video tells the story of the Ravenhall family (on my mothers side) during the Nazi occupation of Holland during WW2. Elsie Ravenhall (my Grandmother) went on to receive the award of "Righteous Among the Nations" for her bravery helping Dutch resistance during WW2. Least we Forget.

anesis in partnership with Sainsbury's Coventry put on a queen's diamond jubilee street party for the homeless, the needy, money less and lonely people of Coventry. In this short documentary video we have a look at the event, the people involved and the reasons for being involved.

A reflection on Modern Britain. Worrying to say the least. Kervin Julien and his colleagues continuing their excellent work with the vulnerable and marginalised of Coventry.

as a man walked up earlsdon street Third in a series of short documentaries about the place that I live. Earlsdon. Earlsdon Street is the main shopping area. In this short film I explore the street and what can happen in a short amount of time. In this particular film, an unknown man walks along the length of the street. Why? I hear you ask to which I reply, why not? A snapshot of a place, time and motion. Music by Kevin Harrison diesel #2 from velvet galaxy / spider mill​ 

With the growing economic crisis this sort of site may become more prolific in towns and cities across the world. I know this is not a new problem, but it is something we probably all notice everyday. Kervin is a reformed drug addict dealer. He now works for the salvation army and helps at his local church North Point in Bell Green Coventry. Part of this is to run a soup kitchen just outside the centre of Coventry. Once a week, homeless, money less, the lonely, drug and drink dependent individuals arrive to receive a hot drink and food, words of wisdom and company. In this short video I have started to explore this problem and the work of Kervin and his team and the people they represent.

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