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Earlsdon based photographer Rick Medlock beat off international competition last autumn to win a London Photographic Association Gold Award with images of Coventry’s subways taken from his ‘Anatomy of an Island’ series.

But his latest work in the series turns away from the bigger picture and looks at one of the microcosms within the city.

You’re Very Welcome, published in a limited edition on February 18th, documents a period of six years in the life of the Four Provinces on Allesley Old Road.

With his customary eye for detail, Rick has captured the life of the Four Provinces from his first tentative step through the door in early 2001, to the completion of the radical refurbishment in 2007.

High quality digital images record the highs and lows of the Republic of Ireland’s 2002 World Cup campaign, charity events, ceilis and the unearthing of medieval bones during the refurbishment.

Rick said “This has been a six year project and I am really pleased to see it come together like this. It works as a serious documentary photography project, but it’s also a book that will interest local and social historians as well as the people who put up with me sticking the camera in their faces for six years and now see themselves in print. What I also believe it shows, especially with the major refurbishment of Coventry City Centre imminent, is what can go wrong as well as right in these situations”

And what’s next for Rick?“Well, with all the development that’s now planned in the City Centre, it’s time to retune to the bigger picture again”.

For further information, please contact Rick on 07941 985925 or rick@rickmedlock.com


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your very welcome
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